Providing a Creative Outlet for Kids

Jackson businessman Sam LaCasse has developed a practical way for children to display and share their passions.

The Wrap-n-Snaps system consists of bracelets and a variety of interchangeable snaps, which are attached to the bracelets. Snap varieties include such things as emoji faces, pirates, friendly animals, sports balls, and Wyoming icons.

“We provide kids the opportunity to really express their passions,” Sam said. “It also allows for peer engagement because they can trade and collect the snaps with their friends.”

As a former classroom teacher, Sam witnessed first-hand how kids love to talk about their interests. “As a special ed teacher, we also used a lot of stickers as a positive motivational tool. So, I combined those ideas and created an educational tool that allows kids to showcase their interests, but also provide an educational tool that can be used for fine motor control and behavioral motivation.”

Wrap-n-Snaps are designed primarily for children ages 5 to 12 and are gender neutral.

Sam’s personal experience with “Livestrong” bracelets also contributed to his thinking about Wrap-n-Snaps. Such bracelets express support and solidarity for people battling cancer.

“As a cancer survivor, I joined 80 million proud folks who wear Livestrong bracelets,” Sam said. But after his recovery, he also realized there was much more to his identity than just being a cancer survivor. He had many passions that a product like Wrap-n-Snaps could highlight.

Getting Started

Sam officially launched his new business in October 2017. Within a few months, Wrap-n-Snaps was already receiving plaudits in the marketplace, including a coveted 2018 Family Choice Award.

Sarah Hamlin, the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network’s regional director of Fremont and Teton counties, helped Sam with social media development and offered tips on how to increase followers on a variety of platforms. At the same time, the Wyoming SBDC Network’s Market Research Center provided a website analysis. Sam also has received trade show assistance from the Wyoming Business Council.

Experiencing Growth

Sam said interest in Wrap-n-Snaps continues to increase. His products now appear in stores around the nation – even in Puerto Rico – as well as online at retailers like

Corey Cook, owner of the Jackson Hole Toy Store, carries a variety of Wrap-n-Snaps.

“The really fun idea we encourage is when you buy a bracelet, create a scavenger hunt using the snaps. So, when you see a bison, you get a bison snap, or if you see the Teton Mountains, you get the mountain snap. It has been immensely successful,” he said.

Corey will be watching with interest as Sam’s business grows, and he has encouraged Sam to bring out new snaps every year to keep his product lines fresh.

The Jackson Hole Children’s Museum sells Wrap-n-Snaps, and officials there are considering their use in museum programs.

“We love that it’s more than a toy,” Operations Director Sara Fagan said. “It can be used as a motivational tool, and it can also be used as a fidget tool” to keep kids’ busy fingers occupied. Moreover, Wrap-n-Snaps are used at birthday parties hosted by the museum.

Giving Back

For his part, Sam has pledged a portion of the Wrap-n-Snaps proceeds to help support activities of the children’s museum.

Sam hopes to continue building his distribution network in stores across the country, then possibly expanding overseas.

“Our goal is to really scale up the company so that kids throughout the United States can utilize the products,” he said. “We have created a platform that does have endless opportunities.”

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