When you are running a business, it is incredibly hard to find the time for social media. The phone is constantly ringing (and frustratingly, it’s more likely to be a spam call than an actual customer) and your email inbox is rarely, if ever, at zero. On top of that, determining the return on investment for your social media efforts can be challenging.

Here’s the thing though — your social media content matters because your feed is often the first interaction a potential customer will have with your brand. It’s also one of the primary ways that you maintain a relationship with current customers (in addition to email marketing, events, etc.). So, let’s walk through some important questions you need to ask about your social media accounts in order to determine if you are doing it right.

Is it easy to contact me?

Your phone number, email, and physical address should all be easy to find on your profiles.

Do I tell users why my business matters?

In your bio or on your about page, there should be a clear, compelling statement about what you do and why users should care (this is also known as your value proposition).

Are people following me?

If the answer is yes, you might want to call the police. Just kidding, this question is really asking whether or not you are consistently gaining social media followers. Only a small percentage of your followers see your posts organically. So the larger your number of followers, the higher the chance that they will actually see your content.

Are my profile and cover photos high quality representations of my brand?

In most cases, your profile photo should be your logo. In some cases, it might be a picture of you (this is common for realtors, photographers, and other businesses where the owner is the “face” of the business). Your cover photo should reinforce your brand in other ways, such as through a mission statement portrayed in your brand colors.

Am I posting consistently with a wide variety of relevant content?

If you want your brand to be on the top of your follower’s minds, then you have to put yourself there. You should post consistently (ideally two to three times a week at a minimum) with a wide variety (video, photo, articles) of relevant (directly related to your business, industry, or community) high quality (crisp photos, correct grammar, etc.) content.

Are my followers engaging with my content?

If your posts are not receiving any comments or reactions (hearts, likes, etc.) then they might not be engaging.

Do I have good reviews?

If reviews are an option for the platform then you should have them enabled and be aiming for a five-star rating. Consistently reach out to your happy customers and ask them to leave you a review so you can build a good reputation!

Do I have a strong brand image?

Your brand image is communicated through consistent use of voice and messaging (how you talk and what you say), colors, and your logo — be intentional about using these.

Help is Available

If you find yourself asking “Am I Doing Social Media Right?”, we would love to help you analyze your social media content. If you are interested in no-cost, confidential assistance then you can contact your local Wyoming Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network advisor by clicking here.

About the Author: Audrey is the daughter of a serial entrepreneur and loves being a part of helping small businesses around the state succeed. When she’s not in the office, Audrey can’t get enough of the Snowy Range, homemade food, and walking her dog a lot.

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