I recently did some research to see what marketers think is hot for 2017.  There are some interesting articles out there, including thoughts from Jonathan Herrick, Andrew Gazdecki, Martin Jones and Dan Kenitz.

My take on the top 4 marketing trends for Wyoming businesses is:

1)    Mobile is King.  In the past at the Market Research Center we’ve been telling businesses that making sure their website and business is mobile friendly is important.  For 2017, it looks like important isn’t strong enough.  Going forward if you want to be successful, you need to be mobile.  This means making sure your website works on all devices, looking into mobile payment (where customers can pay using their smart phone), engaging in mobile only social media and having “buy” buttons on your social media pages.  If you aren’t mobile, you may find yourself out in the cold.

2)    Video – Seeing is Believing.  Video content on webpages and social media is exploding.  Sixty percent of consumers prefer video over reading, and it is not surprising that video from live streaming to mobile apps like Snapchat is hot.  Video keeps visitors to your web and social media pages engaged longer and is more memorable.  Video doesn’t have to be expensive or be created by professionals to be effective.  Good ideas include Q&A clips, “how-to” videos, testimonials and personalized story telling.

3)    Email Marketing.  Wait, isn’t that “old school”?  Not according to many marketing professionals.  Email is still has one of the best returns on investment.  The key is to provide valuable and relevant information to customers….not just continual sales pitches.  Personalized mails that engage and offer true value strengthen relationships and lead to more conversations.

4)    Hyper-Local Marketing.  In a rural state like Wyoming, in order to compete with national online firms like Amazon and retail giants like Walmart, you need to connect with your individual customers.  It’s not about just social media, mobile access or SEO.  These are just ways that the PEOPLE that you are selling to can reach you.  You need to be easy find online, focus on your individual customer by figuring out what they need and how you can help.  Become the local authority for your industry or niche.  Write blog posts, speak at business events and be active in your community.  Take charge of your reputation, and offer a great in-store experience.

There are many other trends in marketing in 2017, but starting here could have a positive impact on your business in a year that will have a number of challenges for Wyoming businesses.  What do you see as the “hot” trends for marketing for your business?

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