The tourism industry is facing tough competition when it comes to hiring seasonal workers. With the growing hybrid economy and rising wages, Wyoming business owners have found themselves short-staffed. In an effort to remain open, many have been forced to reduce hours in response to their workforce shortages.

There are a number of factors that impact this issue; many of which are out of a business owner’s control. However, there are several ways a business owner can prepare for recruitment and make a big impression on applicants.

Small business owners can create a well-developed recruitment plan for seasonal employees and present an organized plan for interviewing and hiring new staff. A recruitment plan is a timeline and policy for recruiting and hiring new employees. The following plan components will make your business stand out against other companies.

  1. Start early. Recruit 60-90 days before the season opens. This gives you ample time to properly interview and train your new team.
  2. Develop a stellar job description. Be sure to hit all the major points applicants are seeking in job postings. Write clear expectations and highlight what the applicant will learn after working for your business for an entire season.
  3. Interview thoroughly. Take your time and carefully review application documents, interview the applicant and call references. Look carefully for skills that meet your business needs. Ask open-ended interview questions, and consider inviting a current employee to help you interview.
  4. Train your team before the rush. Bring your team together early and invest in training to start the season fully prepared. This preparation time will give your team time to learn the ropes before they are faced with the real deal.
  5. Provide on-going support. Give your staff adequate support and guidance to build skills as the season progresses. Frequent meetings and communication are critical to an efficient team. Develop a system to keep your crew informed and be consistent.
  6. Take advantage of local resources for small businesses. Stay in contact with your local Wyoming SBDC Advisor for ongoing advising at no-cost. Advisors are available to help your small business succeed through a variety of services.

Adequate staffing enables small businesses to provide excellent customer service, exceed customer expectations, and in some cases, outperform corporate competitors.  Small business owners who create a recruitment plan are more likely to achieve staff retention which will result in a successful season.

The Wyoming SBDC Network has a network of advisors willing to help you with each of these steps. Schedule a meeting to write a recruitment plan, develop job descriptions, and compile a training manual.

Ready to learn more? Register for the upcoming webinar Hiring Seasonal Employees: Staffing the Tourism Industry In Wyoming on April 27th at 2:00 P.M.

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